Edward S. Curtis, Photographer - Fine Art Prints of Historical Photos

Edward S. Curtis, Photographer - Fine Art Prints of Historical Photos

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  1. A Klamath Chief at Crater Lake - Curtis

    A Klamath Chief at Crater Lake - c. 1923

    This view by Edward Curtis shows a Klamath chief in a ceremonial headdress looking out across Crater Lake, probably the most important site in the Klamath territory. Learn More
  2. A Nez Perce Canoe - Curtis

    A Nez Perce Canoe - 1910

    Each region created their own canoe designs based on tradition and available materials. This view shows a Nez Perce version, carved out of a single cedar log. Learn More
  3. Chief Joseph, Nez Perce - Curtis

    Chief Joseph, Nez Perce - c. 1903

    This portrait of Chief Joseph was copyrighted in 1903 by Edward S. Curtis. It was likely taken when Chief Joseph visited Curtis in November of 1903 at his studio in Seattle. Learn More
  4. Flathead Man, Profile- Curtis

    Flathead Man, Profile - c. 1910

    One of at least two photos published by Curtis of this unidentified older man in The North American Indian, a monumental multi-volume work. Learn More
  5. Hleastunuh, a Skokomish Woman - Curtis

    Hleastunuh, a Skokomish Woman - 1913

    We know little about Hleastunuh besides her name. Her striking image, captured here by Curtis, contrasts the textures of her own hair and weathered skin with a woven mat she wears as a garment. Learn More
  6. In the Forest - Curtis

    In the Forest - 1923

    A Klamath man in traditional garb sits quietly in front of a Ponderosa pine, probably in the Klamath Basin. Learn More
  7. Innocence, a Umatilla Girl - Curtis

    Innocence, a Umatilla Girl - 1910

    The clothes worn by this young girl appear to be her own, as evidenced by their stains and her toe peeking through one moccasin. Learn More
  8. Klamath Woman - Curtis

    Klamath Woman - 1923

    This photo of a Klamath woman may have been taken earlier, but was published in 1923 in Volume 13 of Curtis' "The North American Indian". Learn More
  9. Klamath Woman Grinding Wokas - Curtis

    Klamath Woman Grinding Wokas - c. 1923

    Wokas, the seed of a type of water lily, are an important traditional food for the Klamath people of southern Oregon. Learn More
  10. Note / Greeting Card Assortment: Edward S. Curtis

    Note / Greeting Card Assortment: Edward S. Curtis


    Six note / greeting cards from photographer Edward S. Curtis, selected from his Pacific Northwest photos.

    Learn More
  11. Old Klamath Woman - Curtis

    Old Klamath Woman - 1923

    This photo of a woman who has seen much was published in 1923 as part of Edward S. Curtis' masterpiece, "The North American Indian". Learn More
  12. Older Klickitat Man, Profile - Curtis

    Older Klickitat Man, Profile - c. 1910

    One of two portraits of this unnamed man published in "The North American Indian", both are exercises in simplicity - white hair, weathered skin, and a blanket. Learn More
  13. Older Wishram Woman - Curtis

    Older Wishram Woman - circa 1910

    This older woman is wearing a traditional woven basket hat as well as a dentalium placed through a piercing in the septum of her nose. Learn More
  14. Preparing Salmon, Wishram - Curtis

    Preparing Salmon, Wishram - c. 1910

    While this Wishram woman is likely preparing salmon for drying for her own family, for centuries the Wishram people dried thousands of pounds of Salmon for trading with other tribes. Learn More
  15. Shores of Shoalwater (Willapa) Bay - Curtis

    Shores of Shoalwater (Willapa) Bay - 1913

    Shoalwater Bay was an early name for what we now know as Willapa Bay in southwest Washington, separated from the Pacific by Long Beach Peninsula. Learn More
  16. Silto, a Quilliute - Curtis

    Silto, a Quilliute - 1913

    About all we know about Silto is that Edward S. Curtis published two photos of him in his multi-volume set, "The North American Indian". Learn More
  17. The Fish Carrier - Curtis

    The Fish Carrier - c. 1910

    A young Wishram woman pauses at the banks of the Columbia River with her woven fish basket on her back, suspended by a traditional head-strap as shown in detail view 1. Learn More
  18. The Tule Gatherer - Curtis

    The Tule Gatherer - 1910

    Tule reeds have been gathered at the edges of lakes for millennia along the pacific coast, from northern California to British Columbia. Learn More
  19. Three Eagles, a Nez Perce - Curtis

    Three Eagles, a Nez Perce - c. 1910

    This dramatic photo of Three Eagles, an associate of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, was copyrighted by Edward Curtis in 1910. Learn More
  20. Village of the Kalispel - Curtis

    Village of the Kalispel - c. 1910

    This scene was captured by Edward S. Curtis, probably along the Pend Oreille River in eastern Washington, part of the original Kalispel territory and location of the current Kalispel reservation. Learn More
  21. Wife of Mnainak, Yakima - Curtis

    Wife of Mnainak, Yakima - c. 1910

    The husband of the woman pictured here was Mnainak, described by Curtis as "probably the man of greatest influence among the remnant of the cognate bands that constitute the Yakima." Learn More
  22. Wishram Bride - Curtis

    Wishram Bride - c. 1910

    A young woman shows off her wedding outfit in this photo by Edward S. Curtis. The Wishram people lived on the Washington side of the Columbia at the Dalles. Learn More
  23. Wishram Woman - Edward S.Curtis

    Wishram Woman - 1910

    This soft portrait is one of a number taken by photographer Curtis in 1910 when he visited the Wishram people, on the north side of the Columbia near The Dalles. Learn More
  24. Wishram Young Woman - Curtis

    Wishram Young Woman - c. 1910

    This striking portrait in profile of a young Wishram woman was copyrighted by Edward S. Curtis in 1910, and included in his classic work "The North American Indian". Learn More
  25. Young Quinault Woman - Edward S. Curtis1

    Young Quinault Woman - 1913

    This image of a young woman was created by Edward Curtis as part of his multi-volume series, "The American Indian". Learn More

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