Mt. St. Helens from Spirit Lake - c. 1900


Mt. St. Helens from Spirit Lake - Meiser

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This hundred-year-old view of Mt. St. Helens showcases photographer Meiser's ability to compose a special photograph of an often visited site. It also demonstrates his quality equipment and careful technique. The curving line between rougher and smoother water is perfectly placed to emphasize the snowcapped reflection, as is the dugout canoe in the lower left corner. And the crispness of the image is not accidental - it shows Meiser invested in good lenses and maximized the captured image during the developing process for his glass plates. -- This photo is restored and printed by Old Oregon.

Additional Information

Item Number AA0322
Photographer Jesse A. Meiser
Location Washington State
Subject Mountains
Decade 1900s
Print Maker Old Oregon
Original Type Glass Negative
Size of Original 5.6 x 7.8 inches
Photographer's Number Number 528