Crew with Municipal Engine Co. Gas Cement Mixer - c. 1914


Crew with Municipal Engine Co. Gas Cement Mixer - Mt. Hood Studio

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Somewhere in the Portland area, a crew pauses from their concrete work to have their picture taken. Their main equipment is an early version of a gas-powered cement mixer. The brand of "Municipal Engine Company" is partially visible on the chassis of the mixer. Little information is available for them, but I did find an online reference to two of their quarter-yard cement mixers being owned by the St. Louis & Hannibal Short Line in 1917. This mixer appears to be about that size. The gas engine, hidden inside the sheet metal enclosure on the left, was almost certainly a "hit and miss" engine, an early flywheel type design that maintained a steady speed by turning off the firing of the cylinder when the speed became too great. This mechanism resulted in a distinctive "POP whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh POP" sound, as the engine fired and then coasted until it needed to fire again to maintain its average speed. -- This photo is restored and printed by Old Oregon.

Additional Information

Item Number AA0397
Photographer Mt. Hood Studio
Location Portland, Multnomah County
Subject Construction, Group Portraits
Decade 1910s
Print Maker Old Oregon
Original Type Larger Print
Size of Original 4.5 x 6.5 inches
Photographer's Number No