The Record Breaker - 1920s Chevrolet Boasts 43 MPG - c. 1924


The Record Breaker - 1920s Chevrolet Boasts 43 MPG

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Clearly, claims of good gas mileage are nothing new. The featured car appears to be a 1923 Chevrolet Superior Model B four-door sedan. A flyer on the window, more visible in Detail view 2, advertises "The Woman's Own Car", a four passenger coupe at $725, which is likely a 1924 Superior Series F. Coupe.

-- This photo is restored and printed by Old Oregon.

Additional Information

Item Number AA1109
Photographer Unknown
Location Portland, Multnomah County
Subject Cars and Trucks
Decade 1920s
Print Maker Old Oregon
Original Type Larger Print
Size of Original 7.3 x 9.4 inches
Photographer's Number No