Native Americans - Fine Art Prints of Historical Photos from the Pacific Northwest

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  1. Tule Mat Teepee, Umatilla Reservation - Moorhouse

    Tule Mat Teepee, Umatilla Reservation - c. 1895

    This teepee is covered by traditional tule mats, made from the tule or bulrush, a plant still widespread in wetlands and areas of seasonal flooding. Learn More
  2. Tumwater (Celilo) Falls - Crawford

    Tumwater (Celilo) Falls, Columbia River - c. 1885

    Tumwater Falls, the traditional name of the main part of Celilo Falls, on the Columbia River. Learn More
  3. Two Cultures at Celilo Falls - Culver Pictures

    Two Cultures at Celilo Falls - c. 1895

    Several Native American men and their dog quietly observe their traditional fishing site and the large fish wheel above it, as a worker looks back at them from its deck. Learn More
  4. Two of the Old Originals - Palmer

    Two of the Old Originals - c. 1910

    This portrait of an older Native American couple was created by Spokane photographer Frank Palmer in the early part of the twentieth century. Learn More
  5. Two Women and a Dog - J. A. McIntire

    Two Women and a Dog - Circa 1890

    There are a lot of patterns present in this studio portrait of two women. While each wears traditional jewelry and the woman on the left has a beaded bag, the fabrics and blankets appear to all be factory made. Learn More
  6. Village of the Kalispel - Curtis

    Village of the Kalispel - c. 1910

    This scene was captured by Edward S. Curtis, probably along the Pend Oreille River in eastern Washington, part of the original Kalispel territory and location of the current Kalispel reservation. Learn More
  7. Wah-nik-noote, Nez Perce - La Roche

    Wah-nik-noote, Nez Perce - 1899

    This view of Wah-nik-noote is one of two captured by Seattle photographer Frank La Roche in 1899. The other, a profile view apparently taken in the same session, is in the University of Washington library. Learn More
  8. Walking Along the Tracks above Celilo - Kilburn

    Walking Along the Tracks above Celilo Falls - 1890s

    Two young men, probably brothers, walk along the railroad tracks on the Oregon side of Celilo Falls. Learn More
  9. Warm Springs Indian Agency - Moorhouse

    Warm Springs Indian Agency - c. 1901

    While this view is not signed, we attribute it to Moorhouse since it so closely resembles some of his other photos. As Indian Agent for the Umatillas, Moorhouse was himself responsible in 1890 for acquiring funds for the school buildings, which make up most of the structures in this photo. Learn More
  10. Wife of Mnainak, Yakima - Curtis

    Wife of Mnainak, Yakima - c. 1910

    The husband of the woman pictured here was Mnainak, described by Curtis as "probably the man of greatest influence among the remnant of the cognate bands that constitute the Yakima." Learn More
  11. Willamette Falls with Fishing Platform - Crawford

    Willamette Falls with Fishing Platform - c. 1890

    Fishing from platforms by Native Americans was coming to an end at the falls at the time this view was created by Crawford in about 1890. Learn More
  12. Wishram Bride - Curtis

    Wishram Bride - c. 1910

    A young woman shows off her wedding outfit in this photo by Edward S. Curtis. The Wishram people lived on the Washington side of the Columbia at the Dalles. Learn More
  13. Wishram Woman - Edward S.Curtis

    Wishram Woman - 1910

    This soft portrait is one of a number taken by photographer Curtis in 1910 when he visited the Wishram people, on the north side of the Columbia near The Dalles. Learn More
  14. Wishram Young Woman - Curtis

    Wishram Young Woman - c. 1910

    This striking portrait in profile of a young Wishram woman was copyrighted by Edward S. Curtis in 1910, and included in his classic work "The North American Indian". Learn More
  15. Young Man with Face Paint - Wilder

    Young Man with Face Paint - 1903

    A young man in a mixture of traditional and store-bought attire sits solemnly for a portrait. Learn More
  16. Young Quinault Woman - Edward S. Curtis1

    Young Quinault Woman - 1913

    This image of a young woman was created by Edward Curtis as part of his multi-volume series, "The American Indian". Learn More

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