Steamer Lot Whitcomb at Willamette Falls - c. 1851


Steamer Lot Whitcomb at Willamette Falls

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This is a classic photo - the oldest known outdoor photograph of the Willamette Falls area. Created by an unknown photographer, it highlights the sidewheeler Lot Whitcomb, the first steam-powered craft built on the Willamette River, launched in December, 1850, shortly before this photo was taken.

In the background can be seen the town of Linn City, founded by Robert Moore, on the west bank of the river. Destroyed by the flood of 1861, Linn City was never rebuilt.

-- This photo is restored and printed by Old Oregon. Original courtesy of the Clackamas County Historical Society.

Additional Information

Item Number CC0098
Photographer Unknown
Location Oregon City, West Linn, Willamette Falls, Clackamas County
Subject Ships and Boats
Decade 1850s
Print Maker Old Oregon
Original Type Copy Negative
Size of Original 2.1 x 3.1 inches
Photographer's Number No