Mt. Hood from Lost Lake - 1900


Mount Hood from Lost Lake - Detroit Photographic Co.

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Reminding us of the color palette of an Eliza Barchus painting, this photochrom print of Mount Hood showcases the reflective qualities of Lost Lake. The comparison with Barchus makes sense, as she was in her prime at the time that this photo's colors were being chosen by retouching artists at the Detroit Photographic Company. Starting with black and white photos, the photochrom process transferred the original negative to a collection of lithographic stones -- each used for a particular tint on the final print. -- This photo is restored and printed by Old Oregon.

Additional Information

Item Number AA0130
Photographer Detroit Photographic Co.
Location Mount Hood, Clackamas County
Subject Mountains
Decade 1900s
Print Maker Old Oregon
Original Type Large Photochrom
Size of Original 6.7 x 9.0 inches
Photographer's Number Number 54541