Drinking Beer in Oswego - c. 1910


Drinking Beer in Oswego

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The guys gather a century ago to drink beer in their host's back yard. Has much really changed since then? Detail view 1 demonstrates the solemnity of the occasion, as one man prepares to wash the bald pate of his friend with beer.

Three of the drinking buddies are identified. The bald fellow is George Madden. On the left in the second row is George Cline. And on the right in the back row is Dutch Lindsley.

-- This photo is restored and printed by Old Oregon. Original courtesy of Lake Oswego Public Library.

Additional Information

Item Number AA0615
Photographer Unknown
Location Lake Oswego, Clackamas County
Subject Group Portraits
Decade 1910s
Print Maker Old Oregon
Original Type Larger Print
Size of Original 4.7 x 6.6 inches
Photographer's Number No

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