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I'm a history buff. I started collecting vintage photographs while writing history articles - wanting to invite readers into stories by illustrating them with photos.

John Klatt


As it turned out, the photos pulled me in, and I began concentrating on images rather than words.

In early 2009 I began this website to share the images I had grown to love. I called it "Old Oregon", which to me means the original Oregon Territory, allowing me to include photographs from Washington and parts of other northwestern states.

Early on I started working with other collectors, paying them royalties when I sold a print of their images. More recently I've added images from a few institutions, such as the Clackamas County Historical Society.

I provide prints of various sizes, from note cards to multi-panel murals. Each image is carefully restored; I try to realize the original intent of the photographer.

I do not consider myself a photographer, though I briefly had my own darkroom years ago. Today my work is all digital - beginning with high-quality scans and making all of the changes in Photoshop and other software.

I strive for quality more than quantity when choosing images to restore. I call my process a "three legged stool", meaning I look for images that combine historic interest, artistic merit and technical quality. My ideal photo is strong in all three areas.

Please get in touch if you have questions or suggestions. Yes, I still buy photographs, and yes, I am interested in more cooperative relationships with other collectors. You can reach me through the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page.

Whether you choose to purchase prints for your home or business, or are just browsing the photos on this site, I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do. It's comforting to recall how we arrived here, and the perspectives of those who proceeded us.

Thanks for visiting,

John Klatt

John Klatt - Old Oregon